Port services

One stop on & onshore service provider

Jutlandia Terminal A / S, a sister company of J. Lauritzen's Eftf., Is centrally located at the port of Esbjerg and shares its headquarters with Lauritzen.

Jutlandia acts as a complete on- and offshore service provider and offers, among others, the following activities:

Offshore base, stevedoring, goods handling, Storage, container storage, container transport, handling and storage of wind turbines, container transport, chemicals and tanks.

In January 2017 Jutlandia opened a new office in Aarhus where primarily stevedore- and terminal services are provided.


As port agents, Jutlandia Terminal participates in all operations and ensuring that customer’s individual needs are considered. No job is too big or too small for Jutlandia and all tasks are performed with the same high quality and service.

Jutlandia offers 24/7 service, which means that they day and night are ready to accept any job.


Jutlandia Terminal has more than 30 years of experience with stevedoring. This makes the company very competent to perform loading, unloading, lashing and securing of cargo, not only striving to meet but exceed customer expectations.

The Stevedore division is in constant growth and there are great demands on the professional supervisors.

Jutlandia does not compromise with quality and safety and all operations are being carefully planned and supervised.


Jutlandia Terminal offers all kinds of terminal services in connection with ship calls, loading and unloading operations and storage of goods. These among others include:

  • Various project lifts with reach stackers
  • Chemical Handling
  • Driving with a hydraulic trailer
  • Package assignments for the offshore industry
  • Handling of project equipment


Based on the extensive experience, Jutlandia has established standard procedures for handling offshore chemicals. This gives customers a guarantee of professional handling with safety as the highest priority.

Jutlandia is approved to handle all types of chemicals, and about 95 percent of all production chemicals in the Danish oil sector are handled from here.

Wind logistics

Jutlandia handles all types of turbines and components. They are thus very experienced in port logistics for the wind industry and have worked on almost all major wind projects in Esbjerg.

Jutlandia is ideally located for the wind industry at both the Port of Esbjerg and Aarhus.

In Esbjerg we are located next to the project areas where the turbines are prepared for offshore installations. The port of Aarhus is well positioned for shipments of wind turbines to the Nordic region. This amongst other things makes Jutlandia an ideal partner and supplier.